SDA01-85 Radio Frequency Dryer

Stalam.Deyi Radio Frequency Dryer adopts the most advanced RF technology available worldwide and is the only one of its kind in the domestic market. It is designed for the continuous drying of hydro-extracted textile products and is suitable for all fibres and yarns such as synthetics (polyester, acrylic, nylon), artificial fibres (rayon, viscose) and natural fibres (wool, cotton, silk, etc.)
The radio frequency drying technology is based on the direct transfer of the electromagnetic energy to the water molecules contained in the wet fibres: the energy is only delivered to the product in proportion to its moisture content, with minimal losses in the surroundings, so the drying process can be carried out very efficiently.
The fast and easy penetration of the electromagnetic field into the product makes the drying process fast and uniform. A mild warm air circulation system in the drying cabinet helps in avoiding dew condensation and the low drying temperature achieved, thanks to the reduced RF power density adopted, allows to optimizing the quality of the fibrse in terms of bulkiness, mechanical strength, hand feeling and colour effect. All the above outstanding results cannot be achieved by any other conventional (atmospheric or pressurized) drying method.
The electron tube (triode) cooling is accomplished by means of a double water cooling circuit, that is designed to maximize its life time.

Radio Frequency Dryers Main Advantages

Technical Advantages
Operational flexibility (one dryer for all products)
Instantaneous start(no need for pre-heating)
Continuous and just in time operation
Easy control (PLC facility available)
No influence of atmospheric conditions on drying 
Improved working conditions (little noise, no heat dispersions, no fumes released)
Full automatic easily fitted

Product Features
Accurate residual moisture control
Outstanding drying uniformity
No dye migration
No yellowing/discolorration/contamination
Improved yarn strength
Reduced hairness of the yarn
No evapororation of finishing chemicals
Better handle/softness
Reduced labour cost
Simple and quick installation
Reduced floor space requirement
Reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
High evaporation efficiency
Low overall running costs
Short pay-back of the investment

Main Technical Parameters
Electrical supply voltage 380V±5%
Electrical supply frequency 50Hz
Operating frequency 27.12MHz±0.6%
Input power 142KVA
Output power 85KW
Conveyor belt operating speed 2.5m/h-107m/h
Cooling system Water cooling;air cooling
Water circulation 2.5M3/h
Evaporative capacity 1.2-1.3KG£¨water£©/kw£¨RF£©h
Max product height 260mm
Max loading width 1650mm
External dimensions 9mX2.4m£¨3.1mMAX£©X3.3m
Weight 4500kg
Production Capacity
synthetics 760-920£¨kg/h£©
wool&cotton blends 305-350£¨kg/h£©
cotton&viscose 170-210£¨kg/h£©

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